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Is your vehicle ready for winter?

As the the leaves begin to change color and start to fall to the ground, there's a noticeable change in the air. With winter approaching, there are things we need to do to be certain our vehicle still starts up day-after-day.

One of easiest things to do is have your vehicle's battery tested to ensure it will perform on the coldest of mornings. There's nothing more frustrating than having a dead battery when you're trying to get the kiddos to school or when you're running a little behind for work.

As the temperature drops, you need more "cold cranking amps" to turn that cold, stubborn engine over. On warmer days, you can get by with a substandard battery. When the temperature falls to 0 degrees (or less), you will need every bit of power to start a cold engine.

To be sure your battery is functioning at least at the minimum requirements for your particular engine, feel free to stop by Michiana Battery to have your battery tested for free.

If your battery is in good working condition, we will send you on your way. If it's in need of replacing, we will recommend the right size and strength battery for your specific vehicle. We can even install (on most vehicles) while you wait. Most installations take less than ten minutes to complete.

Stop by and see us to make sure you're not stranded on the coldest of cold days!


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