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We offer a large range of wind-free flags designed by our graphic designers to promote and advertise your auto repair shop. They can be displayed in front of the service center or by the roadside to help your business stand out from the crowd.


The automotive-repair industry is an extremely competitive business. Because of this successful marketing is crucial to the success of your service center. Feather flags are one of the most cost-effective ways of attracting new customers, offering a cost-effective and attractive promotion tools which can be displayed around the exterior of your business.


Feather flags can help draw-in customer-segment, which internet advertising fails to reach: individuals who make buying decisions impulsively. Of course, internet marketing is important, but our feather flags will help make you stand out on the street, giving you a more holistic approach to advertising and marketing.

These flags serve to dress up your shop and make it more attractive.


Prospective customers often pre-judge the quality of a business by how well-appointed the exterior of the business appears. Feather Flags are innexpensive, so just one sale will likely cover the cost of an entire set. Check out our many unique designs that will bring attention to the most desirable attributes about your auto-repair shop!

Auto Service Wind-Free Feather Flags


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