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Our American car flags feature the classic USA design which includes 50 stars set upon a blue canton and the traditional 13 red and white alternating stripes. The 50 stars represent each of the United States, while the 13 stripes represent the original colonies.


This flag is ideal for car dealerships that wish to decorate the vehicles in their lot with a patriotic symbol that is sure to enhance their appeal. They can also be used by private individuals to decorate their own car. They work all year round, but are especially popular during special patriotic occasions such as the 4th of July and Memorial day. If you are looking for a patriotic symbol to attach to a vehicle, then this is the ideal car flag for you.


Our USA car flag design is our most popular for car dealerships and individuals alike. They can be used to enhance the patriotic decor of a dealership or by individuals looking to proudly display their USA-pride on their personal vehicle. American car flags can be displayed all year round, but dealerships and individuals often like to display their patriotism on special patriotic occasions, such as July 4th and Memorial day.


Our 11 inch x 15 inch car window flags are made from durable 110gsm knitted polyester material. The edges are double sewn and the flag is finished with a sturdy polyester sleeve. Our clip-on window flags include a durable injection molded polypropylene staff which measures 20 inches tall. Simply slide the plastic window clip over an open car window and then close the window to complete the installation.



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